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Electromechanical phenomena probed by AFM – the challenges and opportunities of quantification

Nina Balke

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Putting Ferroic Domains in Perspective: Multiscale and Dynamic Imaging

Yachin Ivry

Technion Israel Institute of Technology


Introduction to piezoelectric MEMS technologies – History and recent trends

Isaku Kanno

Kobe University

Embedded Ferroelectric Memory at Texas Instruments: Technology, Reliability, and Applications

Ted Moise

Texas Instruments


Harvesting Energy from Mechanical Sources Using Piezoelectric Materials

Shad Roundy

University of Utah

Theory of Polarization

Nicola Spaldin

ETH Zurich

Ferroelectric Effect in Photovoltaic Materials

Christoph Brabec

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Fundamentals and Applications of Energy Storage

Yun Liu

The Australian National University

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